Corporate Social Investment

CV Projects Corporate Social Investment (CSI) & Socio-Economic Development (SED)

CV Projects SA’s (CVP) Social Economic Development (SED) strategy is about empowering communities in the areas in which we work. This involves providing our project catchment areas as well as our national operations centers with resources, support and skills that ultimately lead to better lives. Our aim is to become a benchmark of effective SED within the Construction and Shopfitting industry by ensuring that our community initiatives have both impact and sustainability.
CV Projects SA subscribes to the Construction and Shopfitting industry standards and best practices and aims to become the leader in transformation within the industry. Our team is committed and motivated to making a difference in the physical circumstances and networking within the communities. Our SED policy is formulated around specific objectives that focus on communities surrounding or adjacent to our projects – with emphasis on the women and youth in those communities.

After initiating a conversation with the local community structures, we foster social participation and then proceed to mutual ‘social contracts’ to help improve and formalise the relationship between CVP and the communities. This also assists in ensuring that real, critical needs are being addressed to reduce poverty and improve the living conditions and skills adjacent to or within the local communities. Main focus areas have been identified in terms of the Vision, Mission and Development Charter of each cluster. All projects are evaluated in terms of policy criteria and monitored to ensure that real and meaningful outcomes are achieved.
CVP believes strongly that it has a role to play in the growth and transformation of adjacent communities and the society in which it operates. In line with its vision and mission statements, the Company commits itself to supporting the creation of an environment conducive to social and economic empowerment and development. CVP therefore subscribes fully to the Government’s socio-economic developmental programmes including B-BBEE, housing, environmental awareness, health care, social security and education.
The SED and Enterprise Development (ED) programmes are designed to be integrated, sustainable and consultative processes, with due consideration to the following goals:

  1. The promotion and facilitation of Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment
  2. Promotion of capacity building, innovation and technical excellence
  3. Promotion of entrepreneurship
  4. To be recognised as a socially responsible Corporate Citizen.

SED and ED are viewed as the management of the Group’s overall contribution to society, including its role as social investor, employer and capacity builder. In our focus areas (adjacent communities) and focus groups (youth and women), categories of investment are identified and pursued. The focus areas are as follows:

  1. Promotion of skills transfer through training
  2. Small business and contractor development
  3. Infrastructure
  4. Corporate Social Investment Contributions

Enterprise Development

The promotion of entrepreneurship and small business remains an important priority of the development agenda within South Africa. CVP is committed to ensure that small businesses progressively improve and thus contribute to the growth and performance of the South African economy in critical areas such as job creation, equity and access to markets.

The Group strongly believes that it has a role to play in the growth and transformation of adjacent communities and the society in which it operates. Our strategic intent with regards to ED is aimed at:

  • Developing increasingly economically vibrant and functional communities living adjacent to our project sites.
  • Establishing social partnerships based on shared visions and objectives, providing a platform for enhanced interaction, joint working relationships, cooperation and understanding.
  • The continuous creation of business opportunities, jobs and training as a direct result of our engagement with neighbouring communities.
  • Developing mutually beneficial business practices which lead to improved community interactions in operations (minimizing strike action, etc).
  • Seeking an increase in the quality of life of members of communities where partnerships have been created and which have resulted in increased job opportunities and income.

ED within CVP focuses specifically on two important aspects of the vision statement, i.e. “multi-functionality” and “revolutionising the integration of projects and communities.” In terms of multi-functionality, this means:

  • Utilising the project asset for multiple applications and enterprise development
  • Leverage general business skills and assets into building new enterprises
  • Develop businesses along the Construction and Shopfitting supply chain
  • Investing into the value chain to enhance the value of our product and to enable viable secondary sectors

Through revolutionising the integration of projects and communities, CVP aims to become a leader in the effective and mutually beneficial integration of communities and project operations. This element of our vision focuses on:

  • Applying our resources, expertise, and insights into activities that benefit societies in or adjacent to our projects.
  • Drawing labour, skilled and unskilled, from adjacent communities, whilst the communities’ economic growth is derived from secure employment – “family based society”
  • Procurement of contract services from communities, education and job training
  • Initiatives that will result in creating sustainable jobs
  • Business (small & medium) start-ups within the concept of multi-functional Construction and Shopfitting.
  • Accessibility to social infrastructure – health care centers, schools, library & media centers.

Enterprise Development as an operational strategy focuses on the implementation of multifunctional projects in order to increase economic activity in and around the CVP projects. This strategy is further broken down into the following areas:

  • Large scale enterprise development (ED)
  • Construction and Shopfitting enterprise development (COED/ SHED)
  • Local and international construction expansion

“40% of the tender work package will be set aside for enterprise development of all local contractors that are Treasury BBBEE compliant and CIDB registered.”