Our ‘Training Excellence and Incubation Program’ is aligned with the FP & M SETA ‘Scarce and Critical skills list’. The program is ideally positioned to promote South Africa’s Economic Development and Job Creation strategy and give expression to government’s Incubation Support Program.

CV Projects SA has played a significant role in the transformation of our workforce into skilled artisans with the ability to actively contribute to the growth of the Shopfitting, Furniture making and Construction industry in South Africa.  With our accreditation  for training, we now look to build on previous gains by establishing a centre of training excellence in Verulam, north of Durban, KwaZulu-Natal. Focusing on furniture making at NQF Level 2, the initiative will be actively involved with the FP&M SETA learner ship program and will become a place of instruction and training for unemployed youth, women and people with disabilities.

The outcome of the learner ship will lead to the next level of development – the incubation phase – which will be facilitated by CV Projects SA in promotion of government’s Incubation Support Programme.

We will:

  • Target unemployed youth, women and people with disabilities
  • Subscribe to a holistic approach (looking at development of the whole person);
  • Deliver skills training services based on factual needs (based on sound research, benchmarking and gap analyses);
  • Use only the best, accredited trainers;
  • Create solid partnerships with suppliers, collaborators, sponsors and clients;
  • Ensure dynamic, effective, flexible, responsive, and transparent management;
  • Obtain the buy-in of most important stakeholders;
  • Build a solid reputation known for delivery, and sound values and ethics;
  • Ensure the long-term sustainability of the enterprise; and
  • Focus on visible and measurable success resulting in a ripple effect throughout the community.